The Art and Science of Connection - A lab for learning the art and science of connection
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We understand: You care about your clients more than they know.

Your relationships with your clients are the foundation of everything else you are doing with them. The most thoughtful, tailored programs and nutrition plans are not effective without a sturdy, open and direct coach/athlete relationship.

The truth is that there is a science to human relationships. We want you to learn that science so that you can set yourself apart from other coaches.

What is the scientific secret to lasting client relationships?


Yes, you read that right.

Caring without sharing is just the first step of empathy. And, you have that part down. You care a lot and that is likely the reason you became a coach. It’s our innate nature to care, but as a coach, you care even more than most people.

We can teach you the science of human relationships: How to share your care.

Learn how to express empathy in ways that establish permanent connections

Expressing empathy is not about tricking people or about not being yourself. It’s about letting your true self shine through.

Let go of what is holding you back.

As coaches we are in the business of change. We are endlessly seeking how to help others develop the skills they need to grow and change to meet their stated goals. How do human beings change?

Imagine a baby just learning to walk. How is it that typical babies across the globe learn to walk? What drives them to keep trying despite falling down over and over again? A baby never says, “Walking just isn’t for me.” She keeps trying.

Babies want to explore. They are innately curious and interested in their surroundings. Human beings, and animals too, are born with this drive to explore. When babies explore, they check to make sure their parent is near them. When they know they are safe and secure, they take risks. And when they take risks, they learn, develop and thrive.

This applies to adults as well. When we have a secure relationship to serve as a base, we feel free to explore, to take risks and to grow and thrive. YOU can be that secure person for YOUR clients, so that they can learn, develop and thrive.

We are here to help you to take risks, so that you can learn, develop and thrive.

All humans across all cultures are hardwired to feel the 6 core emotions we’ll be learning about in the course. Every emotion fits into one of the 6 core emotions. These 6 emotions will be the keys to open up potential in all of your relationships.

These are tools that you can use with all clients regardless of age, gender, culture, language, or fitness ability.


We were not much different from you. Misbah and Dr. Megan care a LOT. Sometimes too much, or so we thought. There were limits to how much we could actually help people. But then we discovered something.

We cared so much that we wanted to be better at what we did. As a fitness coach and professional conversationalist on his podcast The Airborne Mind Show, Misbah has an insatiable curiosity and drive to connect with his clients and guests. He felt tremendous empathy for clients who had been beaten down– He had been there, too. But he didn’t want to make it about him. He didn’t know how to communicate how much he understood and how deeply he knew he could help. He wanted to ask his podcast guests the questions no one else would ask, about the topics that mattered most. But he struggled to find the words and the courage.

Dr. Megan is a psychologist in private practice. She thrives on helping clients to change their lives by discovering their true selves. Her clients were experiencing fulfilling relationships and reaching new heights in their careers. But she had her own struggles with social anxiety and fear of public speaking. There was something blocking her from being her true self.

We came together around a common experience: we found personal and professional freedom through deep connections with others. And then we met each other. We were inspired by the commonalities between us, as well as the differences in our skill sets. We shared our backgrounds and histories, and expressed empathy for each other. And an instant bond was formed. We found something special here and we knew we had to share it.

The common thread between podcasting, therapy and coaching is the science of human connection.

We discovered that this science is not only important, it is essential for coaches.

What if you could:

  • Confidently close sales consults
  • Retain life-long clients
  • Receive a wait-list full of referrals
  • Create a thriving community
  • Reach new heights in your financial health
  • Never be lost for words, no matter the person or the situation

We can teach you these tools to increase your confidence to develop and maintain long-term relationships with clients, (even tough ones), but it won’t happen overnight. It will take practice and hard work from you. We promise it’s worth it.

Are you ready?

The Art and Science of Connection training programs not only teach you how, but we can help you to internalize this knowledge to change your behavior, so you can see real results.

If you are ready to put in the work, we are ready to share the science with you.

The first step is to dip your toe in with us. Learn how to connect more effectively with the e-course designed specifically for fitness coaches: The Art and Science of Connection.

What do I get?

  • 8 videos (with audio-only option): Over 1 hour worth of content
  • A 34-page workbook: a detailed step-by-step guide to help you learn our approach
  • Bonus videos: demonstrations that illustrate key concepts
  • Bonus: A list of 26 Questions To Increase Connection to improve the quality of your consultations, conversations and ability to support your clients

Your Teachers For This Course

Misbah Haque studies the art form of interviewing, conversation, and communication. His body of work that puts his skills to the test can be found on The Airborne Mind Show. Misbah also uses these skills in his coaching practice at Revival Strength to connect deeply with clients.

Dr. Megan Kaden is a clinical psychologist who specializes in relationships. Her skillset and thought processes around connecting with individuals is unparalleled. She has the ability to create systems and tools that meet clients where they are instead of expecting conformity to something else.

Join us today by signing up below.

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