Connect With Us - A lab for learning the art and science of connection
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Connect With Us

We want to hear from you!


We hope The Unfiltered Human Podcast is filling your mind with useful and useless ideas about human phenomena. Let us know what you’re thinking: Questions, reactions and topic ideas are all welcome. Here’s your chance to leave a legacy!Be featured on our show by tapping the sidebar to reach The Unfiltered Human Hotline.


Did you take The Art and Science of Connection? Tell us about it! We want to hear all the dirty details, including your feedback about the course and your experiences practicing the 3-Step Approach. The bonus for you is that leaving us a message on The Unfiltered Human Hotline is another way to meta-process your learning while helping us to keep creating more unique content for you to keep learning. Win win.
We love being humans with you.
Miz & Meg

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